Formal Letter

Dear Professor Blackstone,

The purpose of me writing to you is to give you a brief introduction of myself and my background. My full name is Shawn Pang Jun Jie and I am currently a student in Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (Land). I was from Singapore Polytechnic with a diploma in mechanical engineering. During my time studying in Singapore Polytechnic, I developed a greater interest in engineering and therefore, I decided to study for a degree in engineering in university.

To me, I felt that one of my communication weakness is the lack of vocabulary when writing. An experience was when I had a group project about an engineering topic and I had to do research about that topic. I was also required to present my research findings in a proposal format. When I was trying to rephrase what I researched into simpler words for easy understanding, I found it hard as I struggled to find the words with similar meaning to rephrase.

However, I felt that one of my communication strength is that I am able to speak confidently in front of a group of people. One of such experience is during class presentation where I had to stand in front of my class to present my project. Although I was nervous, I was able to project my voice properly such that my classmates could hear.

Throughout this module, I hope to broaden my vocabulary and be able to speak and write more fluently. This will benefit myself in the future when I am writing my own resume to apply for a job and also when I am communicating with others. Also, I hope to be more confident when I am speaking in front of larger groups of people. I will be able to communicate my thoughts to my audience more effectively and I will also be more fluent in my speaking.

Yours sincerely,

Shawn Pang

Edited 18 Sep 2017

Read and commented: Amos, Lewis

One thought on “Formal Letter

  1. Hello Shawn,

    I feel that we have the same problem when it comes to vocabulary, lets work hard together to accomplish our goals.
    Here are some feedback from me.
    -In the first paragraph, as mentioned in the latest lecture, you can drop the capital in “Diploma in Mechanical Engineering”.
    -I think you should write a new paragraph for your strengths instead of combining it together with your weaknesses. This makes it easier for readers to read.

    Hope this helps,


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