Technical Report Draft 1 (Smart Meter)

Alternative Solution Schneider PowerLogic system is an alternative solution to improve the metering system. Similar to Anacle’s Tesseract, Schneider PowerLogic system meter monitor key distribution points. Schneider PoweLogic system meter helps to track, record and report all real-time performance conditions of all distribution points, allowing the data analytics team to analyse the data collected and […]

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Technical Report (Draft 1) Smart Meter

Introduction This proposal is with regards to the Call for Proposal (CFP) by Energy Market Authority (EMA) in developing technical solutions for a smart metering trial. Known globally for being a “clean and green” country, Singapore continues to improve on this aspect through educating the community as well as implementing sustainable solutions to current problems. […]

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Formal Letter

Dear Professor Blackstone, The purpose of me writing to you is to give you a brief introduction of myself and my background. My full name is Shawn Pang Jun Jie and I am currently a student in Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (Land). I was from Singapore Polytechnic with a diploma in mechanical engineering. During my time […]

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